Middle East post COVID-19

Hard to believe, but it is April 2020.

I have been in my home for over a month, watching the world shut itself off, build new borders, redefine space and future. I feel myself adjusting, while I watch the changes happening in society, in the country , around the world.

I find it fascinating that the first Global pandemic in the 21st century, in the global world, spread so quickly through global connections, has brought about the strengthening of borders and lines that have been erased over the last few decades.

Suddenly, you have to belong somewhere: most countries worldwide have gone into a double mode - shutdown/lock-down within, kicking out tourists, closing borders - and suddenly we have to define where we belong to, even if we do not belong anywhere.

On the one hand in the Middle East, like in the rest of the world, countries have closed borders, redefined lines. On the other hand - all the prior enmities, challenges, underlying causes - all still exist, and will probably burst out in a violent way soon. It is the Middle East, after all.

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